Marriage Proposal Organization Package at Karşıyaka Sailing Club

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Marriage Proposal Organization Package at Karşıyaka Sailing Club

How about making a marriage proposal in one of the most beautiful places in İzmir by choosing our marriage proposal organization service in Karşıyaka Sailing Club? Enjoy a natural romantic atmosphere accompanied by sea air. You will experience unforgettable moments for years with a pier right in the middle of the sea and an amazing atmosphere created for you. We can carry out this organization on any day and time you plan. We recommend you to choose the evening hours so that you can experience the wonderful atmosphere of the sunset. You can take advantage of our services specially prepared for you and your co-candidate, walking path, table, gazebo and many more and you can have great moments for the woman you love.

İzmir Organization has pioneered and continues to offer numerous marriage proposal organizations with more than 15 years of experience. We continue to work with a friendly and professional team considering your requests. You can make your marriage proposal in Karsiyaka Sailing Club with a marriage proposal organization and many different concept options. Contact İzmir Organization for detailed information. Keep in mind; weather conditions can change at any time. Professional captains and officers of our luxury sailing boats inform you about the weather conditions before the event.

Marriage Proposal Organization Scenario at Karşıyaka Sailing Club


Take your loved one out to get sea air. Offer to have a meal accompanied by amazing wave sounds of the sea. Let it be true that you only meet to eat. Leave everything else to us. We will keep in touch with you and will notify you when we are ready.

You will come for the marriage proposal organization in Karşıyaka Sailing Club that we prepared for you with your loved one. You will walk on the red carpet, which we placed on the pier, which will bring you to a magnificent table. As soon as you get into the red carpet, the music will start playing for you. While walking with romantic melodies, your photos placed on the benches on your right will catch your eye. You will not be able to take your eyes off the dazzling decorations and decors. It will be a corner prepared for you. This corner will be decorated with rose petals, red stones or beads according to the weather conditions.

As you continue to walk on the carpet, our ground volcanoes will be in harmony with your walk and offer you a magnificent visual show. At the end of the carpet, there will be a table placed under a gazebo tent waiting for you. This gazebo tent will be decorated with a white tulle like a bride, and a very elegant chandelier will be placed in the middle of it and illuminated. Your dining table will be decorated with various snacks, fruits, cheese plate, champagne, candles, flowers. You will continue your conversation while you sit at the table and sip your champagne. Our photographers will capture your most natural photos.

A music sound will rise from the middle of the sea while you are in the conversation. This is the sound of the boat that slowly moves towards you, which we carefully decorate. We will attract the attention of your co-candidate in this way, when he wonders where the sound of music comes from and looks in that direction, he will notice the boat that harmoniously floats in the sea. Of course, the banner that says “Will You Marry Me?” In huge letters we opened on the boat … You will not forget the expression of surprise on your face for years.

Do not doubt that you will get the answer “Yes” when you kneel and make a marriage proposal. Is that all? Of course not. You will go for a ride with the boat that we carefully adorn. On the boat, you will again find a variety of snacks, champagne, decorations and a wonderful table where your photos are sprinkled. The interior of the boat will be filled with various decorations and balloons. When you look around you will see the text “Will you marry me?” Written in red, foam letters. The eyes of the person you love will shine in the face of this whole atmosphere. We will record all these moments with cameras and take pictures of your every moment.

While walking on our boat, you will go to the deck and pop a champagne there, and you will take your ride while sipping your champagne. We will give you flying balloons with heart, you will leave these balloons together and watch them disappear. You will take a boat tour that will take about an hour. You will hug your loved one and enjoy these happy moments.

Marriage Proposal Organization Package Content in Karsiyaka Sailing Club

Special Decors and Ornaments: Glass lanterns, red stones, frames with your photos, beads, heart-shaped ornaments, styrofoam letters, oil lamps, flowers, candles, sailor lanterns.

Your Special Song And Generator With Sound System: Professional sound system, specially selected music. Electric energy is provided by a generator installed in a remote corner.

Ground Volcanoes Ignited by Remote Control: There are two types of ground volcanoes. Manual ones are burned by hand. But we especially prefer the remote control. We can adjust the ignition moment of the ground volcanoes synchronized to your walking. Since it is burned by remote intervention, we prevent the bad image that may occur by entering the camera opening during video shooting.

Table And Red Carpet: Dining table decorated with various snacks and special decor. The red carpet on the road to this table, where you will feel special while walking on it.

Flying balloons and banners: We decorate the inside of the boat with flying balloons, and we also give you flying balloons to drop it into the sky. We open a banner with a huge “Will you marry me?” On our boat.

Champagne and Goblets: There will be two champagne and goblets, both on the table we prepared on the pier and on the table on the boat.

Professional Camera Recording: We work with a dedicated team for this job. We make a special effort to make the videos reach the desired quality. We record every moment of your organization from the very beginning to the very end.

Professional Photo Shooting: We work with professional photographers. We strive to capture your most special moments. Then we deliver these photos to you.

Tailored Video Clip For You: By assembling the images we took during the organization, we turn it into a special video clip and then we deliver it to you.

Yacht Charter: We are at your service with our luxury sailing boats.

Lighting: We light up your dining table with a stylish chandelier placed at the top of our Gazebo tent.

All of these services are included in the package content of the marriage proposal organization in Karşıyaka Sailing Club. You will never be charged an extra fee for the services included in the content.

Can I Add and Remove Marriage Proposal Organization Package in Karsiyaka Sailing Club?

Marriage proposal organization package content in Karsiyaka Sailing Club can be stretched according to your wishes and imagination. This is entirely up to your creativity. Your ideas are important to us and we can accomplish anything you request. There may be differences in the fee depending on the type of services you want to add. If you wish, you can add to this unique and special moment out of the package.

Firework Show: While you are enjoying your romantic moment by sipping your champagne, we start a firework show from very close distance to you.

Pre-Organization Gift Service: Before the event, if you want to excite and surprise your loved one more, we send the clown of our team to your spouse’s house to get a special appointment for the special day. The doors of your co-candidate are knocked periodically. Special notes and gifts from you are offered.

Private Vehicle Service: We provide private vehicle service before and after the organization. Special red carpets support this service we provide with luxury vehicles.

Special Food Menu: You can enjoy the romantic moment with the specially prepared food menu.

Special Lights: We provide special lights suitable for the location of the package you prefer.

Special Sound Systems: According to the location (size, sound acoustics) of the package you prefer, we provide music sound more clearly with the special sound system.

Special Decors: We use special decors according to the location of the package you prefer. Like Gazebo tent, wooden aged door decor, photo frames custom made for you.

Barcovision Show: We project your video clip or photo slide prepared for you from the led screen or barcovision.

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