Marriage Proposal Organization with Vintage Decor

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Marriage Proposal Organization with Vintage Decor

You can choose a vintage decor with our marriage proposal organization package and realize an organization that your loved woman cannot forget. Vintage is an accepted style not only in furniture but also in many areas. Today, vintage style is reflected both in the home decoration and the clothes we wear. In its simplest form, vintage furniture consists of furniture with a history of at least 20 and 90 years. This is the main difference that is already reserved with antique furniture. In the past 100 years, it is now in the antique class and leaves our field. As İzmir Organizasyon, we can say that we have added the vintage decor to the retro. Imagine the simplest of colors, including earth tones, powdery pinks, water greens and pastel blues, to create a new color and breath to the marriage proposal organization on the beach. We call it romantic and intimate decor. Such decors impress people and dynamize their soul. We are going through the longing with vintage decoration. The lovers of this style are increasing day by day and are the favorite of the ladies who will get married. The most important reason to choose this preferred decor is that it fits to every accessory with its comfort and elegance. it is among the styles preferred by those who want to provide peace of mind and romantic appearance as mentioned above.

Marriage Proposal Organization with Vintage Decor on the Beach Package Contents

Red Carpet: The red long carpet, which forms the walking path, is laid along the length of the beach where the road ends and from where the seat decor is located.

Seafarers Lighthouses: Wooden aged seafarers’ lanterns are placed in 2 rows of 20 reciprocal walkways with red candles or oil lamps.

Ground Volcanoes: 20 ground volcanoes fired by remote control are burned synchronously with music during the organization.

Seat and coffee table: A table with snacks (snack, chips, fruit, cheese plate) champagne, goblets, candlestick, candle, decorative objects and flowers is served at the end of the walkway.

Stair Decor: At the end of the walkway, it surrounds your armchair decor and your retro-printed photographs combine with different objects and create a personalized decor.

Champagne, Goblets and Snacks: Your champagne and goblets decorated with special stickers are served on the sahpa. Your snacks consist of chips and snacks. Fruit and cheese plate is our gift.

Flying Balloon: 10 red flying balloons are presented to your co-candidate by our friendly team friend at the beginning of the walking path.

Professional Sound System, Music and Generator: Throughout the organization you can play your personal songs or songs with the help of a laptop computer, and use a professional sound system and generator. Generator and cabin are located within the beach.

Special Lights: We use 2 different kinds of professional lights, spot and led, in order to make the beach special for you.

Photo Shooting: From the beginning to the end of your organization, your special moments are recorded by our photographer in the form of a natural follow-up photo.

Professional Video Shooting: From the beginning to the end of your organization, your special moments are recorded by our professional cameraman. After the event, your special video clip is edited and assembled as a gift.

* On the beach, you can add or remove a marriage proposal organization package other than the package we specify. Any services you wish to include in the package will be charged additionally. You will not be charged for the services included in the package. Payments are received in cash before the event.

Is it possible to change the marriage proposal organization on the beach?

You can add and remove the marriage proposal on the beach. There may be changes in package price depending on your location and requests. We organize all your organizations in and around İzmir as a professional team. Fireworks show, extra ground volcanoes, VIP car transfers, gift service with clown, barcovision, food menu, boutique cake making and presentation services are among the services you can add to the marriage proposal packages. If you choose any of these services, the price will change.

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