Marriage Proposal Organization with 3D “ Marry Me ”Illuminated Letters

marriage proposal organization with 3d marry me illuminated letters marriage proposal 15 768x512 - Marriage Proposal Organization with 3D “ Marry Me ”Illuminated Letters

Marriage Proposal Organization with 3D “ Marry Me ”Illuminated Letters

Is love a candle to burn or to touch the fire in the candle? As a professional organization of İzmir Organizasyon, we have decided that both of them  Those who touch the fire in the candle burns, the candle itself. Love is already in this way, both you burn in itself, burn your lover .. Even if you manage to extinguish the fire ashes once mixed. Perhaps this is why lovers, who can afford to burn, are no longer able to separate them when the ashes remain.

A candle light, light games that take off from the ground, a tiny table lamp and even a lighthouse make you fall in love; that is, the light changes all the air in the environment. Forget about white light once we talk about a romantic setting. Actually it’s not just couples; lights and candles are also a favorite of lonely lovers. Or maybe they’re sad because they’re alone, which is another matter.

Although “Marry Me” illuminated letters appear to be extremely simple, it is actually a very special omen, especially on the beach. Even a simple beach can make it magical. Illuminated letters make darkness a bit more retractable, giving it a distinctive air. The best thing that can make the illuminated letters more meaningful and more beautiful is a pair of eyes and dimpled smile that stares at us and shimmers in the shadow of that flaming light. It is the organization of the marriage proposal that will crown this smile for a lifetime.

3D “ Marry Me ”Marriage Proposal Organization Package

Marry Me, which is the English question phrase we adorn the lights, can reflect the organization of the marriage proposal either in a rural area or among the silky sand of the beach or even among the pebbles. We need to communicate with our groom candidate on average five minutes before the time we set for our surprise marriage proposal organization by capturing the sunset hours offered by nature seasonally. Weather is the first condition for us. For this outdoor event, we will have to set a date away from rain.

Wicker Carpet or Red Carpet: The wicker or red long carpet that forms the walking path is laid from the beginning of the beach where the road ends to the place where the table is located.

Seafarers Lighthouses: Wooden aged seafarers’ lights are placed in 2 rows of 8 reciprocating walkways by placing red candles or oil lamps.

Tiny log lanterns and lanterns: It helps us to create a dim atmosphere with candles and oil lamps that will mark your evening with its light reminiscent of firefly.

Ground Volcanoes: 12 ground volcanoes fired by remote control are burned synchronously with music during the organization.

Wooden table and chairs: The seating group with snacks (snack, chips, fruit, cheese plate) champagne, goblets, candlestick, candle, decorative objects and flower bouquet is served at the end of the walkway.

Triangular tent with water crow: At the end of the walkway, your table is surrounded by arbor and covered with ecru cloth. Top led lights dangling from the top illuminate the face of your loved one gives light to the environment.

Champagne, Goblets and Snacks: Your champagne and goblets decorated with special stickers are served on your table. Your snacks consist of chips and snacks. Fruit and cheese plate is our gift.

Flying Balloon: 10 red flying balloons are presented to your co-candidate by our friendly team friend at the beginning of the walking path.

3D Marry Me Lighting and Heart decor: Romantic, interesting or stylish. We couldn’t name it. It is the most different and extraordinary lighting panel that will reflect your love with English words at 110 cm height, reflect the daylight with your special colors to your marriage proposal organization and add style. Have a pleasant stay…

Professional Sound System, Music and Generator: Throughout the organization, your personal songs or songs are played with the help of a laptop computer, professional sound system and generator are used. Generator and cabin are located within the beach.

Special Lights: We use 2 different kinds of professional lights as spot and led to make the forest area special for you.

Decors: Personalized photo and lighted trees matched to the print corner and the old bicycle left on the road, etc.…

Photo Shooting: Your special moments from the beginning to the end of the organization are recorded by our photographer in the form of a natural follow-up photo.

Professional Video Shooting: From the beginning to the end of the event, your special moments are recorded by our professional cameraman. After the event, your special video clip is edited and assembled as a gift.

* One of the organizations that can add or remove a marriage proposal organization package with 3D illuminated letters. Any services you wish to include in the package will be charged additionally. You will not be charged for the services included in the package. Payments are received in cash before the event.

** Fireworks show thrown into the sky, show with fog machine, gift service with clown at home or work place, transfer service to the area where the organization will be held, special decors, barcovision show in the organization area, extra photographer and cameraman are among the extras we recommend. For further information on marriage proposal organization, please visit or contact our customer.


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