Marriage Proposal Organization Package in Caravan

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Marriage Proposal Organization Package in Caravan

Marriage proposal organization package in the caravan; Marriage proposal is the first step you take while on the most beautiful journey of your life with the love of your life. Therefore, it is your most natural right to want everything to proceed completely when starting this way and asking the most important question. We even put an alternate organization that you can stay alone on the table and present it as an option. The marriage proposal organization package in the trailer shows that you are actually a visible representative of freedom. The caravan has comfort, going to the desired place, nature, as well as freedom as we wrote. Undoubtedly, the caravan was a vehicle that adorns everybody’s youth dreams.
There are many types of caravans. Our preference is in the mobile trailer segment, acting as the package of marriage proposal organization in the trailer can be in different areas. Therefore, you can use different locations to make your marriage proposal to the woman you love and even stay while watching the stars. For example, we can witness your marriage proposal organizations as İzmir Organizasyon, in a stylish hammock in front of a deserted bay, or with the sounds of grass accompanied by the sounds of birds in a forest, perhaps in a summer breeze or in the middle of winter.

We are in the understanding of preparing this mobile house which is a dream for every person, ready for comfort and serving with a different concept. Here’s the details of the marriage proposal organization package in the trailer.

Marriage Proposal Organization Scenario in Caravan

There are many destinations we have determined for the marriage proposal organization in the caravan. You somehow bring your girlfriend to the location of the area we set. This area can even be located in a city where you went many years ago or where you had a moment with your girlfriend or that she wanted to see a lot. You just come with your girlfriend by taking your single stone ring.

Pretend that this organization is still not for you until your girlfriend is unaware of everything before the parallel red carpet set up on the beach or forest area. Thus, when you realize that this organization is prepared for him, the dose of surprise will increase even more and you will have very pleasant moments.

Later, you can remember these moments and refresh your memories together and have fun. While at the beginning of the red carpet, our team will give our heart-shaped balloon bouquet to your co-candidate. And so your organization of marriage proposal will start in the authentic fairy tale consistency. From the moment you start walking on the red carpet, the song we previously decided and decided on will begin for your girlfriend. You will walk with music, applause, burning ground volcanoes and sailor beacons. At the end of the carpet, the avant-garde white table, built on the inside and outside of the caravan, will be prepared for you, decorated with flowers and champagne. The most important question of the day, right behind the table, is “Will you marry me?” There will be a lot of written inscriptions and personalized decorations.
When you come to the red carpet, you will ask this meaningful question and throw your balloons to the sky. Many decors that have been carefully prepared for you will witness your love.

For the moment of marriage proposal, we offer you two options. The first one is that universally accepted kneeling and excitement that you expect with excitement at the end of the walking path. Another option is to make the offer after about 15 minutes after you pass by your table in the trailer and sip your champagne. Thus, you may have made a second surprise to your co-candidate. The voice of the woman you love ‘yes,, that happiness in your eyes, that smile on your face. Maybe it’s worth everything in your life.

Marriage Proposal Organization Package Content

Marine Lighthouses: The aged wooden marine lighthouses are placed in two rows on the beach, and a walking path is created.

Candles and Oil Lamps: On the walking path, lantern lamps or red thick candles are placed in the lighthouses according to the suitability of the weather and the clock.

Armchair and coffee table: The table prepared with inspiration from the retro philosophy, applied to the outside area, with champagne, glasses, candlestick, candle, decorative objects and flowers is presented at the end of the walking path.
Stair decor: It surrounds your seat decor at the end of the walkway, and your photos printed in Retro style combine with different objects and create personalized decor.

Glass Lanterns: Romantic decoration is given with glass lanterns and led candles inside and outside of your table and caravan.

Sound System and Your Special Song: A professional sound system placed in a suitable part of the field plays a special song for you, which we determined before the organization with the help of a laptop or external memory. If you have not specified a special playlist, our organization team prepares a special playlist for you with their experience and taste.

Red Carpet: A walking path is made with a red carpet to the door of the caravan where the road ends. It is for your co-candidate to feel special.

Flying Balloon: These are standard 12 inch red balloons filled with helium gas.

Special Snacks for You: Chips and cookies placed with special decorative objects on your table prepared and decorated for you are presented with your champagne and glasses.

Champagne and Goblets: Our elegant and stylish champagne glasses accompany your alcoholic and non-alcoholic champagne with bulunan Will You Marry Me ‘stickers.

Ground volcanoes: Ground volcanoes placed on the walkway, on the edges of the red carpet, are cold fire. Programming is done by electronic ignition method and firing is done by remote control. A visual feast environment is prepared.

Lighting Lights: These are the spot lights we use for area lighting.

Generator: It is positioned in a special section on the beach for electricity that we will use for field lighting and sound system.

Professional Camera Recording: Our video cameraman, each of whom is expert in their field, will take your most special moments from the beginning to the end of the organization. The raw images taken are used for your video clip.

Photo Shooting: Our expert photographer in the field will naturally follow your special moments from the beginning to the end of the organization. Our photographers are also the managers of your organization. They inform and guide you on where, when, and what to do. After the photos are edited, you can receive them within 1 week from the day of the organization.

Specially Mounted Video Clip: It is a video clip where the music you choose plays in the background and your most special images belonging to that special day are professionally designed and assembled. You can receive it within 1 month from the organization day (20 days at the earliest according to the density period).

Our Suggestions for You

If you wish, you can add to this unique and special moment out of the package.

Fireworks Show: We are launching a fireworks show from very close distance while you are enjoying the romantic moment by sipping your champagne.

Organization Gift Service: If you want to excite and surprise the person you love before the event, we send our team’s clown to your spouse’s house to perform the gift service to get the appointment of the special day. The doors of your co-candidate are knocked periodically. Special notes and gifts from you are offered.

Private Vehicle Service: We provide private vehicle service before and after the organization. Special red carpets support this service we provide with luxury vehicles.

Special Food Menu: You can enjoy the romantic moment with the specially prepared food menu.

Special Lights: We provide special lights suitable for the location of the package you prefer.

Special Sound Systems: According to the location (size, sound acoustics) of the package you prefer, we provide music sound more clearly with the special sound system.

Special Decors: We use special decors according to the location of the package you prefer. Like Gazebo tent, wooden aged door decor, photo frames custom made for you.

Barcovision Show: We project your video clip or photo slide prepared for you from the led screen or barcovision.

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