Marriage Proposal Organization On The Yacht

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Marriage Proposal Organization On The Yacht

For a marriage proposal organization that will add happiness to your happiness, as İzmir Organizasyon team, we have another unforgettable marriage proposal package for you. This time we are starting from İzmir Bostanlı Gulf tour, with a large and luxurious motor yacht boat, also known as ‘Mutluluk’ (‘Happiness’).

You can take a boat tour with a romantic dinner organization with your loved one, or you can travel to the blues with our Happiness boat with the dinner organization accompanied by your friends. Don’t forget; weather conditions can change at any time. Professional captains and officers of our luxury sailing boats inform you about the weather conditions before the event.

Marriage Proposal Organization Scenario in Mutluluk Boat

For a short walk, you bring your spouse to Bostanlı beach, or watch the sunset on the Bostanlı cruise terrace. We have completed our preparations hours before with our team and we will be waiting for you. You will suddenly notice a carefully prepared boat and walking paths. Our teammate will deliver the flying balloons to the person you love and the surprise organization will begin. On the walking path decorated with red carpet and sailor lanterns prepared for you, the volcano show will start in sync with our steps and your favorite song will be played in the background.

After kneeling and making your marriage proposal, our teammates from Izmir Organizasyon direct you to the boat. With a special decorated table prepared with candles, snacks, drinks and our romanticly decorated boat, you go on a blue cruise that will last approximately 1 hour.

Our Services Included in This Package

*Motor yacht boat rental

*Red carpet

*Marine beacons and oil lamps

*Ground volcanoes using electronic ignition system

*Cartoon printed tarpaulin prints with wire mesh and special decoration

*Boat decoration service

*Flying balloons

*Snacks such as chips, nuts, krudite, and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages

*Sound system and music archive

*Photo shoot

*Professional video shooting & clip making (optional)

Our Suggestions For You

*VIP Transfer Service: With our luxury transfer vehicles, we can take your spouse candidate from home or workplace, bring it to the organization venue, or take the two at the same time and set off to the surprise organization. We decorate the inside of our luxury vehicles with flying balloons, rose petals and photos and make them special for you.

**Gift and Flying Balloon Service with Clown: Our cute İzmir Organization clowns go to your co-candidate’s house or work place at certain time intervals, make all kinds of pranks, ask for encrypted riddles, transmit your notes to her every time she goes and share small tips for the evening organization.

***Fireworks Service: You are watching the sunset romanticly on the deck with your spouse candidate and sipping your drink. When the sun goes down after sunset, our fireworks show with our professional team and equipment starts. You can visit our İzmir Organization Youtube page and review our videos for our fireworks shows on the boat.


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