Marriage Proposal Organization in Salda Lake

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Marriage Proposal Organization in Salda Lake

Marriage proposal organization in Salda Lake; It is the reason why it makes its name “Saldives” with its white dune area and turquoise blue lake water. Salt Lake is the only place that hosts the two properties of the surface of Mars in Turkey. It has a supernatural appearance with this feature. The whiteness of the stones gets from the magnesium feature located on the shore of the lake. If you start moving in the lake, you may see muddy in places, but this mud will make you beautiful. Anyway, these will not be very effective for you because you have found the right person of your life and you are preparing to make a marriage proposal equivalent to the land of fairy tales in this energy-laden area that releases a hormone of happiness. As İzmir Organization, we are proud of being in the first place with the marriage proposal organization in Lake Salda. We carefully develop ourselves regarding the marriage proposal organization in Lake Salda, where we host many decorated and create synergies with customers. All you have to do is take your girlfriend and realize your marriage proposal with the ring you have previously chosen.

Preparations for Marriage Proposal Organization in Salda Lake

Salt Lake is also one of Turkey’s most beautiful hiking trails. The intersection point of green and blue within the boundaries of the town and the lake road. We begin our preparations at noon to catch the sunset at the intersection of this lake and sand. For your surprise marriage proposal organization, your red carpet, sailor lanterns, candles, oil lamps and decorative stones decorated with your table, your flower, champagne, floor volcanoes, music, marriage proposal banner, special decoration decors for the white beach marriage concept and all other The details are fully prepared for you and your lover by our İzmir Organization team. We confirm that we are ready to communicate with you as the sunset approaches and we expect you to come.

The most beautiful white beach of Lake Salda, all the details and the excitement of your lover when you start walking with your lover, accompanied by music, are recorded with photos and videos when you start walking with your lover in the decor specially prepared for you until the lake and the lake. We are always with you with our professional team to spend an unforgettable night accompanied by wave sounds. It is up to you to enjoy the marriage proposal organization in this unforgettable Lake Salda.

Marriage Proposal Organization Package Content in Lake Salda

Red Carpet: The red long carpet that forms the walking path is laid throughout the length of the table, starting from the place where the road ends.

Maritime Lanterns: Wooden aged sailor lanterns are placed in two mutually 2 rows on the walking path by placing red candles or oil lamps.

Ground Volcanoes: 20 ground volcanoes fired by remote control are burned synchronously with the music during the organization.

Table and Chair: Snacks (cookies, chips, fruit, cheese plate) champagne, glasses, candlestick, candle, decorative objects and flower bouquet are presented at the end of the walking path.

Gazebo or Kargı: Surrounding your table at the end of the walking path like a gazebo, covered with white tulles and curtains.

Champagne, Wine Glasses and Snacks: Your champagne and glasses decorated with special stickers are served on your table. Your snacks consist of chips and cookies. Fruit and cheese plate is our gift.

Flying Balloon: Your 10 red flying balloons are presented to your co-candidate by our friendly teammate at the beginning of the walking path.

Professional Sound System, Music and Generator: Throughout the organization, special songs or songs are played with the help of a laptop computer, a professional sound system and generator are used. Generator and cabin are located in the beach.

Special Lights: In order to make the beach special for you, we use 2 different types of professional lights, spot and led.

Taking Pictures: Your special moments from the beginning to the end of the organization are recorded by our photographer in the form of a natural follow-up photograph.

Professional Video Shooting: Your special moments from the beginning to the end of the organization are recorded by our professional cameraman. After the organization, your special video clip is designed and assembled and gifted.

* You can add or remove the marriage proposal package on the beach, except for the package content we have specified. Any service you want to add to the package will be charged additionally. You will not be charged for the services included in the package. Payments are received in cash before the organization.

** The fireworks show thrown towards the sea on the beach, gift service to the home or workplace with the clown, transfer service with a private car to the beach where the organization will be made, special decors, barcovision show at the beach, extra photographer and cameraman are among the package extras we will recommend to you.

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