Marriage Proposal Organization in İnciraltı

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Marriage Proposal Organization in İnciraltı

With our marriage proposal organization service in İnciraltı, you can shout your love to your beloved woman and perform your marriage proposal with the blue waters of İzmir.

How about a marriage proposal organization in İncialtı, one of the most beautiful towns of İzmir? There is a wonderful plaza on the cool coastline where the construction of multi-storey buildings is forbidden and pierces the sky as it pierces by itself, in contrast to the clusters it creates with this plaza, which makes the lights of the sea every evening and adds a distinctive atmosphere. While there are very melodic and popular voices coming from single-storey coffees, fish restaurants, peddlers along the coast, people who go for a walk and cool down, it creates an invaluable decor for the organization of marriage proposal along the coast. The palms, seagulls and the wave sounds of the sea, along with the sophisticated melodies of the open-air entertainment, rises along the seaside and adds a panoramic sound to the marriage proposal organization.

In such an atmosphere, we strongly recommend you to organize İnciralti marriage proposal with the privilege of İzmir Organizasyon. İzmir Organizasyon creates all the planning according to your wishes and offers marriage proposal organization service around the clock. If you want to make a romantic marriage proposal to your beloved woman at sunset with blue waters of İnciraltı coast, please contact us.

Proposal of Marriage Proposal in İnciraltı

Your candidate is unaware of everything. You can also hold hands and eat fish or bread in İnciraltı, or you can say a coffee. Even you can create a wonderful excuse for the marine museum to come to that location. So you’re taking her for a ride on the beach somehow.

If you are coming from Karşıyaka, you can also use the boat ferry service of Üçkuyular pier. You bring him to the area we will prepare for you, without clarifying the situation. Until you come in front of the red carpet, you can still look around as if this organization is not for you. Bring him to the organization as if you were wondering what was going on and wanted to watch. Even watch the organization together for a certain time. Thus, when you realize that this organization is prepared for you, the dose of surprise will increase and you will have very enjoyable moments. Later, you will remember these moments and laugh together.

Our friend in charge of the organization will be in touch with you until the last moment. Once the preparations are complete, we will contact you and let you know that we are ready. Before your team can see and recognize you from a distance, we will ask you for a few photos with your candidate and ask for information about the clothes you wore that day.

At the head of the red carpet, our team will give you our heart-shaped balloon bouquet. From the moment you start to walk on the red carpet, perhaps your loved one will listen to many times yo

u will find peace of mind to play the song. You will walk with music, applause and burning volcanoes. At the end of the carpet you will have a table prepared for you, decorated with flowers and champagne. Just behind it is a giant banner that says “Will you marry me?…

The moment you get down on your knees and ask the question that will last forever, people who will share your happiness will surround you. They will applaud you frantically and even shout slogans. You will have unforgettable moments. We will give you the balloons we meet you with the sky, slowly gliding, you will watch the disappearance of each other wrapped. You can celebrate this happy moment by celebrating champagne or sipping soft drinks. In the meantime, all of these moments will be recorded and video will be taken from beginning to end of the organization and your photos will be taken. Then, all these images will be edited and delivered to you as video clips after they are assembled

İnciralti Marriage Proposal Organization Package Contents

Special Decoration and Ornaments: Sailor lanterns carefully placed on both sides of the red carpet, candle or oil lamps placed inside these lanterns. Heart-shaped decorations produced on the table. A bouquet of flowers specially crafted for your loved one.

Sound System With Special Song And Generator: Our sound system consists of an active cabin and music. Electrical energy is provided by a generator installed in a remote corner.

Ground Volcanoes Fired by Remote Control: There are two types of ground volcanoes. Manual ones are burned by hand. But we especially prefer the remote control. We are able to set the firing moment of ground volcanoes synchronized to your walk. Since it is burned by remote intervention, we prevent the bad image that may occur by entering the camera power during video shooting.

Bistro and Red Carpet: We put a red carpet where our couple can walk hand in hand and we place our luxurious looking stretch covered bistro table at the end of the red carpet. We decorate our table specially.

Flying Balloon And Banner: We welcome our couple with our red, hearted flying balloons. Iy Will you marry me? ”We open our banner in a way that can be seen at the end of the walk. The dimensions of our banner have been specially designed and the people holding it behind it are invisible in any way, ensuring a flawless appearance.

Champagne and goblets: There is a champagne waiting for you on our bistro table. This champagne bottle has a sticker with the words “Will you marry me?” The glasses are placed on the table in an aesthetic way.

Photo Shooting: We take natural follow-up photos with special, state-of-the-art equipment. We try to capture your most special moments. Then we deliver these photos to you.

Professional Camera Recording: We work with a dedicated team for this job. We make a special effort to achieve the desired quality of videos. We record every moment from the beginning of the organization to the end.

Special Editing and Assembled Video Clips: We organize and assemble the images we shoot during the organization and turn them into a special video clip for you; then we deliver it to you.

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