Marriage Proposal Organization In Helicopter

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Marriage Proposal Organization In Helicopter

For the Damla & Caner couple, we planned an event where they would spend the whole day full. This meaningful day, starting in the restaurant, ended with a fascinating tour of the helicopter in the sky. We worked with all of our team to make a splendid day’s past that will be a separate memorial for every second, which is housed in many details. Today also had another meaning and precaution. It was Damla’s birthday. We realized that they would celebrate their birthday. We made a surprise marriage proposal to Damla Hanım. Caner Bey’s preference; At the same time, it became the organization of proposing marriage with the helicopter which is the imaginary one. We, as İzmir Organizasyon, were very happy to realize this dream of Caner Bey.

Organization Of Marriage Proposal Starting At The Restaurant

This magical journey first started at the top of the Flagic Hilton, on the magnificent terrace floor of 360 restaurants. For this beautiful day, accompanied by a great view, we decorated the lodge part privately with our couple. We created a colorful atmosphere with glass and cylinder fans, sailor flair decorations, red carpet and heart embellishments that we hung in the decorative ridge just in front of the hotel. We put our letters in front of the desk to form the article “Are you married to me?” We were excited to wait for Miss Damla. Caner Bey and his friends took their places.When Damla came inside the door, she saw her friends and Caner Bey in front of her and thought it was a birthday celebration; until you see the letters “Are you married to me?” in front of the table. Soon after, Caner Bey ‘s kneeling collapsed and he got more confused. This harmony accompanied by the fire of earth volcanoes while playing music for our pair.

All of our team and Caner Bey’s friends applauded our pair crazy. Their most loved ones are dancing in the presence of their song. It is the turn of the day to celebrate the birthday of meaning and prominence. The cake came, the songs rested, photos were taken. In the restaurant of our couple, we had a nice dinner with their friends, passing through the prepared table decorated for themselves.

The most exciting moments of the day were approaching. Our team left the restaurant and came to helicopter. There they also created a lovely atmosphere with our special red carpet, sailor lanterns, bistro table and banners “Are you married with me?” VIP vehicle to the helicopter area to wait for our next couple. We saw at the beginning of the road. Everyone took their place. Our couple got off the car and the banner opened. Caner has offered to marry again and again, and received the most enthusiastic reply from Damla. Champagne was blown up and our couple took their place in the helicopter for an unforgettable sky ride.

After a romantic tour in İzmir, our team greeted our couple again. We congratulate our couple for our happiness with our VIP vehicle. As İzmir Organization team, we would like to meet with Damla and Caner couple for eternal happiness and nice marriage proposal organizations.

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