Marriage Proposal Organization in Helicopter

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Marriage Proposal Organization in Helicopter

Are you ready to cut your co-candidate’s feet off the ground with the marriage proposal event in the helicopter? If you say “Classic marriage proposals do not cut me, I need something more cool”; Marriage proposal package in helicopter is for you. Who can say no to the proposal to marry in the air of a helicopter exclusively designed for you while the beauty of the city is under your feet and witnessed immense clouds! When it comes to marriage proposal, women’s perspective and creativity are more important. Most of our employees are women, who does not want to make a marriage proposal that is processed by a detailed plan from the beginning to the end of the organization? If you want to live an unforgettable day, our İzmir Organizasyon company will be pleased to serve you with its professional team and quality equipment. By choosing our marriage proposal organization service in helicopter, you can make your marriage proposal to the woman you love among the blue of the sky and leave unforgettable memories.

Marriage Proposal Scenario in Helicopter

You can change the scenario as you wish, within certain patterns. Let’s revive one of the options: You bring your co-candidate to the location of the helicopter by saying “I have a surprise for you”. When your co-candidate sees the helicopter, you say that your surprise is to travel the city by helicopter and you take off in the sky by helicopter. By the way, everything is ordinary, if we do not count that you are in the helicopter… You are now in the sky and the big city is laid under your feet. While your spouse is watching the surroundings captivated by the scenery, you show the big banner below. On the banner, you will see the text, “Will you marry me?” And at the moment he looks towards you, you extend the ring towards him. Even the beauty of the sky cannot be as interesting as this moment … After getting the answer of ‘Yes’, the helicopter lands on the ground. When your feet touch the floor, the red carpet is already laid and a carefully arranged table is placed at the end. Balloons flying around and ground volcanoes are brilliant. While taking a sip of the newly opened champagne on the table, your favorite song started playing in the background…

Marriage Proposal Package Content

Special Decors and Ornaments: When you get off the helicopter or start dancing or depending on your request, day leaves can be sprinkled. In special decorations and ornaments, we combine our imagination with your wishes.

Your Special Song and Sound System: The songs prepared specially for you from the moment you step on the ground, are played until the end of the organization with the sound systems pre-installed by our team. The content of professional sound systems varies depending on the condition of the venue.

Ground Volcanoes Ignited by Remote Control: One of the most beautiful options to color the environment outdoors is ground volcanoes. From the moment you get off the limousine, the volcanoes controlled by the computer will shine around you.

Flower Bouquet: Our flower bouquets are specially prepared by İzmir Organization. You can further enrich your offer with a flower bouquet during the marriage proposal or after getting off the helicopter. If you want, we can place your ring in the middle of the bouquet…

Flying Balloons and Banners: Undoubtedly, flying balloons are one of the most pleasant details that color the environment. Colorful balloons will be waiting for you on the runway where the helicopter will land. Of course, different shapes may arise in line with your dreams and wishes.

Champagne and Goblets: After receiving the answer of “Yes”, you can celebrate your joy and excitement by blowing up the specially prepared champagne for you. Or after you get off, you can drink it with music.

Photographing: We take pictures of your every moment throughout the organization such as video shooting and deliver it to you at the end of the organization.

Professional Camera Recording: We record your every moment with our hidden camera and professional cameras by our expert cameramen throughout the organization. And at the end of the organization, we deliver your video ready to you.

Specially Assembled Video Clip: Our team editing video and pictures recorded in the organization process, makes you a special video clip. We deliver your ready video clip to you.

Can I Add and Remove Marriage Proposal Package in the Helicopter?

Of course it can be done. When you come to meet with us, if you share with us what you want to add or remove, changes are made to the package.

Our Suggestions for You

If you wish, you can add to this unique and special moment out of the package.

Firework Show: While you are enjoying your romantic moment by sipping your champagne, we start a firework show from very close distance to you.

Pre-Organization Gift Service: Before the event, if you want to excite and surprise your loved one more, we send the clown of our team to your co-candidate’s house to get a special appointment for the special day. The doors of your co-candidate are knocked periodically. Special notes and gifts from you are offered.

Private Vehicle Service: We provide private vehicle service before and after the organization. Special red carpets support this service we provide with luxury vehicles.

Special Food Menu: You can enjoy the romantic moment with the specially prepared food menu.

Special Lights: We provide special lights suitable for the location of the package you prefer.

Special Sound Systems: According to the location (size, sound acoustics) of the package you prefer, we provide music sound more clearly with the special sound system.

Special Decors: We use special decors according to the location of the package you prefer. Like Gazebo tent, wooden aged door decor, photo frames custom made for you.

Barcovision Show: We project your video clip or photo slide prepared for you from the led screen or barcovision.

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