Marriage Proposal Organization in Cinema

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Marriage Proposal Organization in Cinema

Are you ready to watch the movie of your life with the marriage proposal organization in the cinema? You can make a marriage proposal in a movie where you play the leading roles, witnessed by the extras. Imagine; you go to watch a movie of your choice on an ordinary day and the movie scene where you are the leading part of the movie starts. You realize that the people in the movie theater are actually extras who come to watch your movie and witness the most important day of your life. We turn these special moments, which will be in your memory for a lifetime, into a movie that will be remembered and you will always remember with a smile on your face. You can create a romantic atmosphere for the woman you love by choosing our marriage proposal organization service in the cinema. You can get an idea by examining our marriage proposal organization packages that have been prepared specially for you and the plans have been carefully created up to the finest detail. İzmir Organizasyon has pioneered and continues to organize many marriage proposals with more than 15 years of experience. We offer different concepts for your marriage proposal organizations and we also apply your ideas in line with your demands. If you want to examine our marriage proposal organization in cinema, you can read our article about marriage proposal organization .

Marriage Proposal Organization Scenario in Cinema

You decided to watch a movie on the show by talking to the person you love. You come together by taking care not to show anything to your loved one in the movie theater and the day we decided before the event. The cinema hall reserved only for you, you get to the place of the movie screening by buying the movie tickets specially arranged for you. Before you enter the movie theater, we have already completed our final preparations and will take our place like ordinary people who came to watch movies. You go hand in hand and sit on the seat that was previously set. We will start your movie, which has been uploaded to you in a cinema format, specially designed for you by the marriage proposal organization team with your pictures and videos that you shared with us before the event. In the meantime, we will be recording your every moment with hidden footage.

The trailer with your own images starts at the most exciting moment of the movie and we reflect your video clip on the giant screen. At the end of the conversation, in which you are expressing why it is so valuable to you in your own words, all the lights turn on. A lot of flying balloons rise up around you and a banner like ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Is reflected on the giant white screen. You kneel in front of the person you love and look into your eyes and express that crucial question alive. ” Will you marry me? ” … It will be an unforgettable moment to make a marriage proposal with such a special organization even when your dream is so beautiful.

Marriage Proposal Organization in Cinema Package Contents

Special Clip for You: We combine the images you will share with us before the event with the images to be added by our editing team and make them suitable for the cinema format and reflect them on the giant screen during the offer.

Flower Bouquet: Our flower bouquets are specially prepared by İzmir Organization. We further enrich your offer with the flower bouquet given to you by our teammate sitting in the back row during the marriage proposal. If you want, we can place your ring in the middle of the bouquet.

Flying Balloon: Undoubtedly, flying balloons are one of the most pleasant details that color the environment. In order not to spoil the surprise of the marriage proposal, our teammates release the balloons that were previously placed in the armpits during the offer. Of course, different shapes can emerge by blending your imagination and professional equipment with your wishes.

Photographing: We take pictures of your every moment with professional photographers throughout the organization such as video shooting and deliver them to you at the end of the organization.

Professional Camera Recording: We record your every moment with our professional cameras by our expert cameramen throughout the organization. And at the end of the organization, we deliver your video ready to you.

Specially Assembled Video Clip: Our team editing video and pictures recorded in the organization process, makes you a special video clip. We deliver your ready video clip to you.

Pricing and Payments

What we have listed in the package is included in the package and a single fee is charged. No additional charges are required later. The package price changes for additions that are not included in the package but you want to include in the package. Speaking of the package fee in advance and collecting the payments in cash is done before the organization.


Can You Organize In The Cinema I Want?

As movie theaters have a central identity, they may not allow such organizations to be held in every movie theater. For this reason, we work with the places we have agreements with.


Why Should You Choose Us?

We care about your opinions. We are working to give you the best quality service with our friendly and professional team. We use the highest quality equipment and work with innovative individuals. Instead of purchasing the equipment we use from different locations, we provide them practically from our own warehouse. We make it easy to reach and more reliable.

We always aim for better and better with our creative ideas. We regularly conduct R&D studies. We are improving ourselves more and more every day. We proceed by blending our own ideas with your ideas. We are a team that knows how to empathize. We work specifically with female teammates for our marriage proposal organizations. We are diversifying our services with new options by addressing the question of how to propose a marriage through the eyes of a lady. We are eager to plan fun events with you. We reach not just one side of four in Izmir Turkey. Come and join this enthusiasm. Let’s prepare memorable events together ..

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