Marriage Proposal On The Pier

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Marriage Proposal On The Pier

If you love the sea and love the smell of algae, our feet are on the ground, but our minds are the only place in the sound of waves. Piers have always evoked a romantic meaning for people. Even the simplest piers give peace to the person, and cause him to dream of walking hand in hand with the person he loves.

There are some piers on Turkey, its architecture, fabulous views of the sunset and the day should be seen as the most beautiful place in the world to fall in love with both the beach. We have determined the most romantic piers for you and your beloved precious girlfriend. Most of them are hidden in us. If you intend to prepare a surprise marriage proposal organization, this proposal, that is, the marriage proposal organization at the pier is for you.

Marriage Proposal Scenario At The Pier

There are many destinations we have determined for the marriage proposal organization at the pier. You somehow bring your girlfriend to the location of the pier we have determined. This pier can even be located in a city where you went years ago or where you had a moment with your girlfriend or that she wanted to see a lot. You just come with your girlfriend by taking your solitaire ring.

Pretend that this organization is still not for you until your girlfriend is in front of the red carpet parallel to the pier, unaware of everything. Thus, when you realize that this organization is prepared for him, the dose of surprise will increase even more and you will have very pleasant moments. Then you can remember these moments and refresh your memories together and have fun. While at the beginning of the red carpet, our team will give our heart-shaped balloon bouquet to your princess. And so your organization of marriage proposal will begin in an authentic fairy tale consistency. From the moment you start walking on the red carpet, the song we previously decided and decided on will begin for your girlfriend. You will walk with music, applause, burning ground volcanoes and sailor beacons.

The bistro or lacquered avant-garde white table, designed according to your wish, will be prepared for you, decorated with flowers and champagne. The most important question of the day, right behind the table, is “Will you marry me?” a written banner. When you approach the middle of the red carpet, the moment you kneel down on your knees and ask the question “that”, people who share your happiness can surround you. They can clap you crazy. You will have unforgettable moments. You will watch our balloons, which we gave you, leap into the sky, slowly glide, and disappear from each other. Afterwards, your memories will be captured with close follow-up video and photo shoot. It will then be converted into a great video clip.


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