Magnificent Wedding Anniversary Organization in Bodrum

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Magnificent Wedding Anniversary Organization in Bodrum

Celebrating wedding annivarsary on Bodrum beach , has its beauty in summer anad winter. Mr Hakan, who lives in Germany, has come to us with the wish of a wonderful wedding anniversary equipped with different ideas for his wife Aylin and wanted to plan a surprise evening with attractive ideas. At the same time, with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of a marvelous surprise wedding anniversary, he was trying to turn it into a late marriage proposal organization. İzmir Organizasyon that have previously made the organization in the coming days the future of Turkey with his wife Aylin lady a holiday memories will stay in a memorable marriage proposal in mind the organization was eager to Bodrum.

Mr. Hakan did not have the opportunity to come to our office to meet with us and we had our meetings on the phone. He said that both his wife Aylin and he were both a sea lover and that the Bodrum location was both close to them and the most favorite holiday destination. Therefore, at that time, we told him that we could make a wedding anniversary organization by the sea. We thought that the wedding anniversary on the Bodrum beach is the best option for our young couple with Mr. Hakan.

Decors were important. We had a look at options such as Seat decor on the beach, Organization of marriage proposal with cushion decor on the beach, Organization of marriage proposal with gazebo tent on the beach . Mr.Hakan decided for the gazebo decor. In the following minutes of our meeting with Mr.Hakan we decided to celebrate the day, time and the favorite song of our couple. We finely financed the organization. For Mr.Hakan, it was only a matter of excitement to wait for the wedding anniversary and the day that he couldn’t make a marriage proposal organization, and for our team mates, it was as usual to prepare a perfect Bodrum Organization.

Wedding anniversary preparations in Bodrum

When the day of the organization came, our team mates were in Bodrum four hours before the event with all the equipment ready. First, a white-adorned gazebom was installed and fixed to the silky sand of the beach. Then, white tulles were tied to the corners of our gazebom and a decorative appearance was achieved. After the gazebo installation was completed, a surface of the gazebo was adorned with tiny led lights and blue and orange leaves and roses replaced the curtains. The sound system was then installed at a distance of about twenty meters on the table and camouflaged to avoid image pollution. The cabins of the audio system were then placed at a certain distance from the dining table. The cabins of the audio system were then placed at a certain distance from the dining table. The distance from the entrance of the beach to the table was about twenty meters and it formed a metaphoric path leading to the table, dominated by red and white colors. This path symbolizes the marriage was to walk the road of life our young couple. And the way; house located opposite the daylight shining colors accentuated by the  lighthouses. Between both lighthouses, remote ground volcanoes were placed to detonate as our couple walked along this metaphoric path.

The red carpet was laid on this road by considering the meaning and importance of the day. Signs of the names of our young couple, the date of the organization day and some notes were written on both sides of the red carpet. To ensure the quality of the night shots to be made on the beach, lighting was placed at certain points of the beach. Then, one of the most important points was the table decor and decoration. Next to the side of the light tree previously agreed with Mr.Hakan was placed pictures of our couple. Red couples, plates, forks, knives were placed.

The wedding anniversary organization would be dinner this time. Organization In line with the delicious menu made by the R & D department, meat and wine and cheese plates were placed on the table. Table decors in accordance with the concept of romantic marriage proposal organization on the beach; bright red beads, tiny red natural stones, and colorful plates that make the difference we now hear very often. Romantic jars with waxed inside, wicker outside and tiny lace on the top were carefully placed on their tables. Finally, our red-hearted balloons were filled with helium and bound with red raffia. Mr. Hakan, Aylin lady plans to go to the place of an old friend under the pretext of the program had previously named. Our team members were in contact with Mr. Hakan. Mrs Aylin, who couldn’t see the place on the beach they came from, looked around with puzzled eyes.  Mrs Aylin, who could not add any meaning to the prepared table and lighting, noticed that the surprise was made for her when our attendant presented the balloons to her.

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Mrs. Aylin, who seemed quite impressed with the surprise prepared, hugged Mr.Hakan  and thanked him many times. Then our young couple walked hand in hand on the red carpet towards their desks. When they arrived in front of the table, Hakan’s surprise to Mrs.Aylin was realized at that moment and she turned to the lady and asked the question she had been waiting for so long; “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. Mrs. Aylin said YES with the power to have incredible emotions.

Our young couple celebrated this big decision of their lives by bursting champagne and enjoying the happiness in the light of the ground volcanoes behind the gazebo as they sipped their champagne. Then, Mrs.Aylin was built for the lady as a special crown was worn by the head Mr.Hakan. In the meantime, the fireworks coming out of the dusk added another meaning to the happy night of our young couple. Aylin and Hakan couple had great moments with the fireworks coming by a boat on the beach. Our young couple’s loving marriage proposal and wedding anniversary organization since the beginning of the recording of our cameraman and photographer, young couple at their tables while taking breaks from time to time, the couple gave a nice video for the video clip they will deliver. On behalf of the İzmir Organizasyon team, we wish our young couple a lifetime of happiness.

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