Marriage Proposal Organization in Luxury Restaurant

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Marriage Proposal Organization in Luxury Restaurant

Marriage proposal organization in the luxury restaurant is exactly for those who like simplicity and elegance. Wouldn’t you like to make a marriage proposal in a stylish restaurant prepared exclusively for you in a quality restaurant? Eating at the restaurant is a stereotype, but this is a great opportunity to surprise your lover in the ordinary day. Your ordinary dinner can be turned into an unforgettable marriage proposal in an eye-catching environment specially prepared by our team of experts. Our İzmir Organization company, which provides professional services in the field of marriage proposal organization, is right next to you with different concepts. If you wish, you can examine our marriage proposal organization packages that we have created for you, and we can produce new ideas according to your wishes. Marriage proposal organizations are one of the issues that women care about. If you want to create a special and unforgettable moment for the woman you love, you can choose our marriage proposal organization in the restaurant.

Marriage Proposal Organization Scenario in Luxury Restaurant

Scenarios can be reproduced according to our wishes and dreams. Let’s start with one. You have a place to go to a restaurant you love to have dinner with your co-candidate. Of course, our organization team will be waiting for you in a way that has already reserved the space for you. You are taking your spouse from your house, while you are reducing your co-candidate’s expectations with excuses such as, “Sorry, but we have to eat our food a bit, I have an urgent job. With half disappointment, you enter the restaurant and walk through the tables. And you’re just approaching a section tailored for you.

Be sure to be surprised by your spouse’s current moment. It is worth seeing. The dining table is carefully arranged. In front of the table, he sees the text ” Will You Marry Me? ” Written in capital letters. In the background, your favorite song is playing. Before taking the surprise of your co-candidate, you are taking the flower bouquet we prepared for you and extending it into your eyes. Meanwhile, the flying balloons start to air around you and you collapse on your knee and open the lid of the ring box. You extend the ring to your co-candidate and put the written question into words. Your co-candidate looks into your eyes with different emotions and then hugs them tightly… Meanwhile, our expert cameramen and photographers will record your every moment. Our waiter will start to serve you special dishes when you take a bit of surprise and sit at the table. Enjoy the champagne with the songs you love.

Marriage Proposal Package Content in Luxury Restaurant

Special Decor and Ornaments: Decoration of the restaurant’s specially reserved part and tables. It is decorated with special tulle, candlestick and candles, colorful beads and sailor lantern. In special decorations and ornaments, we combine your imagination with your wishes.

Your Special Song and Sound System: The songs prepared specially for you while you are eating at the restaurant according to the facilities of the selected place, are played by the sound systems pre-installed by our team. The content of professional sound systems varies depending on the condition of the venue.

Ground Volcanoes Ignited by Remote Control: When the environment is provided in the open air and during the marriage proposal within the possibilities of the chosen place, computer-controlled ground volcanoes will illuminate your surroundings.

 Flower Bouquet: Our flower bouquets are specially prepared by İzmir Organization. During the marriage proposal, you can further enrich your offer with a bouquet of flowers. If you want, we can place your ring in the middle of the bouquet…

Flying Balloons and Banners: Undoubtedly, flying balloons are one of the most pleasant details that color the environment. The restaurant is decorated with balloons flying around the table. And if you want, you can give your lover colorful balloons flying from each other. Of course, different shapes may arise in line with your dreams and wishes.

Champagne and Goblets: At your table, you can burst your specially prepared champagne from your place.

Photographing: We take pictures of your every moment throughout the organization such as video shooting and deliver it to you at the end of the organization.

Professional Camera Recording: We record your every moment with our hidden camera and professional cameras by our expert cameramen throughout the organization. And at the end of the organization, we deliver your video ready to you.

Specially Assembled Video Clip: Our team editing video and pictures recorded in the organization process, makes you a special video clip. We deliver your ready video clip to you.

Can I Add and Remove Marriage Proposal Package in Luxury Restaurant?

Of course it can be done. When you come to meet with us, if you share with us what you want to add or remove, changes are made to the package.

Our Suggestions for You

If you wish, you can add to this unique and special moment, apart from the marriage proposal package.

Firework Show: While you are enjoying your romantic moment by sipping your champagne on the deck of the boat, we start a firework show from very close distance to you.

Pre-Organization Gift Service: Before the event, if you want to excite and surprise your loved one more, we send the clown of our team to your co-candidate’s house to get a special day appointment. The doors of your co-candidate are knocked periodically. Special notes and gifts from you are offered.

Private Vehicle Service: We provide private vehicle service before and after the organization. Special red carpets support this service we provide with luxury vehicles.

Special Food Menu: You can enjoy the romantic moment with the specially prepared food menu.

Special Lights: We provide special lights suitable for the location of the package you prefer.

Special Sound Systems: According to the location (size, sound acoustics) of the package you prefer, we provide music sound more clearly with the special sound system.

Special Decors: We use special decors according to the location of the package you prefer. Like Gazebo tent, wooden aged door decor, photo frames custom made for you.

Barcovision Show: We project your video clip or photo slide prepared for you from the led screen or barcovision.

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