Hotel Room Decoration Marriage Proposal Organization

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Hotel Room Decoration Marriage Proposal Organization

Get ready to spend an unforgettable night in a magnificent atmosphere with the hotel room decoration marriage proposal organization. Romantic moments with the person you love, with our carefully decorated hotel room decoration service, accompanied by the wonderful view of Izmir … One of the packages of marriage proposal organization offered by İzmir Organizasyon is hotel room decoration marriage proposal organization. In this service, you can have a romantic dinner with your co-candidate and create memorable memories in your life. In the organization of the hotel room decoration marriage proposal, İzmir Organizasyon creates the planning to the finest detail in accordance with your requests and completes your preparations before you come to the room. While our teammates continue to work for you all day long, we continue to negotiate for the moment you come to the room by staying in touch with you. Izmir Organizasyon has pioneered and is leading numerous marriage proposal organizations.

Hotel Room Decoration Marriage Proposal Organization

We have contracted hotels for this service. We meet with one of these hotels and make a reservation for you. If you want, you decide the hotel and make a reservation. We decorate the reservation room in the most romantic way. We are preparing an invaluable atmosphere for the marriage proposal. Our professional team equips your hotel room with the highest quality decorations and decors before the event. This organization is two days for us. We offer room decoration service beforehand. Then you spend a night alone. The next day after your marriage proposal, we come to collect our decorations and decorations. We contact you and come in a time zone that you specify and get our equipment. The thing to remember is that the equipment we use is delivered to you in the rental method. It should be delivered to us completely at the end of the organization.


Hotel Room Decoration Marriage Proposal Organization Package Contents

Hotel Reservation: We make the reservation with the hotels we have contracted with. Our package includes hotel reservation and is included in the price. However, if you want to be in a hotel of your own choice, if you meet the reservation and hotel fee, this service comes out of the package content and a discount is applied in the price.

Decor and Decorations: Heart shaped ornaments, inscriptions, cylinder lanterns, sailor lanterns, candles, red tulles, rose petals are our decorations and decorations. All of them are made of the highest quality materials. We carefully prepare every corner from the entrance of the room to the balcony.

Flying Balloon: We use red, heart-shaped flying balloons to further enrich the atmosphere of your room.

Table And Champagne: We are preparing a wonderful table special for you. We decorate with candlestick and candles. We equip with snacks, cookies, cheese platter. For your celebration, we place one of our champagne and glasses on our table.

Flower: We have a specially prepared bouquet of flowers for you. We place it in the most beautiful corner of your room. All of these services are included in the package content. You will never be charged an extra fee for the services included in the content.

Can you add and remove packages

Package content can be stretched according to your wishes and imagination. This is entirely up to your creativity. Your ideas are important to us and we can accomplish anything you request. There may be differences in the fee depending on the type of services you want to add. If our organization is held in one of the hotels we have contracted with, the package fee will not change. Hotel fee is included in our package. If you want it to be done in a hotel of your choice and you meet the room fee, this service is removed from the package content and the cost of this service is reduced.

Our Suggestions for You

If you wish, you can add to this unique and special moment out of the package.


Firework Show: While you are enjoying your romantic moment by sipping your champagne, we start a firework show from very close distance to you.

Pre-Organization Gift Service: If you want to excite and surprise your loved one more before the event, we send it to your co-candidate’s house to perform the special day appointment, to make the gift service of our team. The doors of your co-candidate are knocked periodically. Special notes and gifts from you are offered.

Private Vehicle Service: We provide private vehicle service before and after the organization. Special red carpets support this service we provide with luxury vehicles.

Special Food Menu: You can enjoy the romantic moment with the specially prepared food menu.

Special Lights: We provide special lights suitable for the location of the package you prefer.

Special Sound Systems: According to the location (size, sound acoustics) of the package you prefer, we provide music sound more clearly with the special sound system.

Special Decors: We use special decors according to the location of the package you prefer. Like Gazebo tent, wooden aged door decor, photo frames custom made for you.

Barcovision Show: We project your video clip or photo slide prepared for you from the led screen or barcovision.

Pricing and Payments

Our fees are determined based on the package contents. As we have mentioned before, you can add or add content according to your own wishes. You can change the location. Your payments; In accordance with our working principle, it is provided in cash before the organization.

Why Should You Choose Us

We care about your opinions. We are working to give you the best quality service with our friendly and professional team. We use the highest quality equipment and work with innovative individuals. Instead of purchasing the equipment we use from different locations, we provide them practically from our own warehouse. We make it easy to reach and more reliable.


We always aim for better and better with our creative ideas. We regularly conduct R&D studies. We are improving ourselves more and more every day. We proceed by blending our own ideas with your ideas. We are a team that knows how to empathize. We work specifically with female teammates for our marriage proposal organizations. We are diversifying our services with new options by addressing the question of how to propose a marriage through the eyes of a lady. We are eager to plan fun events with you. We reach not just one side of four in Izmir Turkey. Come and join this enthusiasm. Let’s prepare memorable events together ..

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