Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization Package

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Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization Package

Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization Package; Decors, personalized designs are famous topics every day. In recent years, even in the smallest environment, dream catchers are dream traps. The ancients capturing the dreams hold the great sacred power in their hands and perform rituals at night, and before the rituals, they create a special net to keep the sleepers safe for them to hang on. When he travels through the network paths, bad dreams get stuck in the networks and lose their way and disappear with the first light of the day. Good dreams pass through the center because they know their way and are guided safely to sleepers. According to Native American beliefs, Indians put dream catchers on the bedside of newborn babies. The spider web in the middle of the dream catcher prevented the passing of bad dreams and thus prevented a baby, a happy couple, people from having a bad dream.

Marriage proposal organizations based on two-person special designs we have added a new one we set off from this fashion. Dream trap marriage proposal organization package; We are giving way to a new trend with vintage designs that reflect the simplicity and innocence of the street air. This circular design is used in the construction of the circle, which is believed to bring good luck wherever it is hanged, and is traditionally made of willow, which symbolizes the circle of life (born as a baby, childhood, adulthood, and old age that reverts back to “baby)). According to the legend, which is believed to symbolize different things according to the number of points where it meets the circle, feathers are added for various reasons (for example, one says that he will find the path of goodness with blessed feathers, the other says that he sees it in the ring of the public); American again, we did not stay away from this belief, we added a tent to spend time during the organization of the marriage proposal.

Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization

Dream trap marriage proposal organization package in a rural area, or in a forested location is foreseen. The pure green tones of nature, which suits the decor and various ornament objects we use, and the sunset creates a very romantic atmosphere when intertwined. In order to make your surprise marriage proposal organization, we need to consider that the weather is good on the date we decide, because the organization is held outdoors.

For your dream trap marriage proposal organization, the installation starts an average of three hours before the scheduled time. Your walking path is created first. The entrance includes your desired color carpet, remote controlled ground volcanoes, lanterns, candles, oil lamps, woody objects, Indian triangular tent prepared with water bamboo, and snaek treats to spend time. Of course, to celebrate that day, your champagne will be waiting for you at your table with a chilled and personalized design. Since the area we are in is a forest area, lighting is very important. Tree lighting, giant love light sign and your photos taken around before you will put your identity on this marriage proposal. All other details are prepared for you and your lover by our İzmir organization team. As the sunset approaches, we are ready to communicate and invite you to the organization area.

Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization Package Contents

Straw Carpet: The straw long carpet that forms the walking path is laid along the length of the beach where the road ends, from the beginning of the beach to the place where the table is located.

Sailor Lighthouses or log lighthouses: Old wooden sailor lanterns are placed in 2 rows of 8 reciprocating paths with red candles or oil lamps.

Ground Volcanoes: 12 ground volcanoes fired by remote control are burned synchronously with music during the organization.

Wooden white coffee table and cushions: Snacks (snack, chips, fruit, cheese plate) champagne, goblets, candlestick, candle, decorative objects and a bouquet of flowers are offered at the end of the walkway.

Triangular tent with water crow: At the end of the walkway, it surrounds your table like a gazebo and covered with an ecru cloth.

Champagne, Goblets and Snacks: Your champagne and goblets decorated with special stickers are served on your table. Your snacks consist of chips and snacks. Fruit and cheese plate is our gift.

Flying Balloon: 10 red flying balloons are presented to your co-candidate by our friendly team friend at the beginning of the walking path.

Giant Love Lighting: Romantic, interesting or stylish? We couldn’t name it. It is the most different and extraordinary lighting panel that will reflect your love with English words at 110 cm height, reflect the daylight with your special colors to your marriage proposal organization and add style. Have a pleasant stay…

Professional Sound System, Music and Generator: Throughout the organization, your personal songs or songs are played with the help of a laptop, professional sound system and generator are used. Generator and cabin are located within the beach.

Special Lights: We use 2 different kinds of professional lights, spot and led, in order to make the forest area special for you.

Photo Shooting: Your special moments from the beginning to the end of the organization are recorded by our photographer in the form.

Professional Video Shooting: From the beginning to the end of the event, your special moments are recorded by our professional cameraman. After the event, your special video clip is edited and assembled as a gift.

* Dream trap marriage proposal organization package is one of the organizations can add or remove. Any service you wish to include in the package will be charged additionally. You will not be charged for the services included in the package. Payments are received in cash before the event.

** Fireworks show thrown into the sky, show with fog machine, gift service with clown at home or work place, transfer service to the area where the organization will be held, special decors, barcovision show in the organization area, extra photographer and cameraman are among the extras we recommend. For further information on marriage proposal organization, please visit izmirorganizasyon.com or contact our customer representative.



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