Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization in Enchanted Forest

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Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization in Enchanted Forest

Dream trap marriage proposal organization; dream trap, is called “dream catcher.. An environment that will create unique moments for the person you love, as if you have reserved a lodge from the land of fairy tales. Whether you want a magic forest or a dream trap on the beach, the marriage proposal organizations are one of the organizations designed to be completely individual. According to an old Native American belief, it is a kind of amulet that prevents nightmares.

The Indians would rather hang the dream trap on their children’s bedside at night. Usually dream trap is made of willow wood. It’s the Native American belief that lets you take away bad thoughts and fill you with good thoughts. By combining the words love and building a nest, we started the Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization in the Enchanted Forest in the middle of trees and nature. We thought that the details of the Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization will be in the hearts of the lovers and will be the beginning for them to fire their bad luck. We decided to capture a different perspective in a beautiful village in Izmir with different shots. At the breaking point of the lighting and in the middle of the sunset, we wanted to engrave the decor of the Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization by adding different colors around the red skin tent.


Mr. Ahmet wanted to unite his life with his girlfriend Nihan, who resided in İzmir, in order to realize   is beautiful decision with an extraordinary marriage proposal. Mr. Ahmet, who had come across our organization by searching the internet, wanted to learn the details by phone. We presented our standard packages to Mr. Ahmet who wants to make a marriage proposal organization for the weekend via WhatsApp. Marriage Proposal Organization on the beach, Marriage Proposal Organization on the boat, Marriage Proposal Organization on the promenade, Marriage Proposal Organization at the restaurant, such as marriage proposal organization, we have delivered standard packages. However, the marriage proposal he had dreamed of for his girlfriend, Nihan, should have been something very different. As the İzmir Organization team, we presented the images we have made about the Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization in our new decoration, the magical forest, which we decorate with extraordinary illuminated decors. Ahmet’s brain reactions were very good and we received good feedback on the Dream Trap Marriage Proposal organization in the Enchanted Forest. We turned our route to Kaynaklar Village, which is a pretty neighborhood of İzmir, which is a country garden. And we started the İs Dream Trap Marriage Proposal Organization  for Nihan and Ahmet.

Preparation of Marriage Proposal Organization in Deserted Forest

On a Sunday before the calendar leaves of the last days of July, we wanted to hide our couple in the shadows of the trees, which were not hot in summer, and found a magical forest. We came to the organization area with our professional team of 8 people for the fragrance smell and atmosphere of the organization area and the dream proposal marriage proposal organization. The fallen leaves of the trees around us formed a separate decor for the marriage proposal organization. We found ourselves a large area and started the installation for our fresh couple Nihan and Ahmet. We started to blend our own taste with the magnificent images that nature gave us as we put our backs on the retro and red skin traditions. First of all, we have created the entrance way of our young couple. With large log trays and oil lamps, we laid them in the middle of the trees and in the entrance of the area, with a carpet from the mat. This couple’s day would be accompanied by their friends. We started the installation of the triangular tent. Of course, we went out of the Native American beliefs… in terms of immigration requirements such as designation, exile and hunting season, they can be disassembled in a very short time and turned into a very practical transportation vehicle in disassembled condition, re-established in a very short time, and resembling the gigantic dimensions of the world. used all over the wonderful practical marriage proposal into the housing rolled up sleeves.

The special water crows were fixed to the tent with thick anchors so that they would not fall to the ground or fall over. Then the special cover of the tent was stretched over the crows, giving a triangular appearance with the tarpaulin cover woven with fine strand yarns. Then we added the lighting to the tent and, of course, the symbol of the dream trap which our tent was named based on the tradition. We put poplin patterned cushions and short wooden coffee table in this fresh tent. Then, we prepared a personalized snack presentation of Ahmet and Nihan couple with four kinds of snacks. We put our chilled champagne and glasses on the table for this special day. The first target that will stand out in this exterior decor is our illuminated letter signs consisting of four main letters which can be used in any color of special wood.

After supporting the installation we made under coniferous trees and putting our LOVE an inscription, which manifested itself as sunset here, came to small decors. In the middle of our Indian tent and the giant “LOVE” inscription we placed our metal tree with pictures of our couple. On the other side we aligned the short walkway signs with a white worn bicycle in front of the walkway as if to welcome. We revived the white bike with white buckets and floor lighting in order not to contradict the colors. Then the most difficult part came to the tree lighting. We created a transparent image by passing the fishing line to the jars that we prepared carefully. In order not to leave the retro line, we decorated the jars with marbles and white lace. Thus, we would get an image like fireflies that could leak out of a fabric that resembles a transparency gauze but is woven more often, bleached and soft-touched. We have also fixed our tree lighting so that the use of a long staircase corresponds to the entrance direction to the leaves and branches of the pine trees.

Only minor details and decorations were left back. We gathered and made small touches of ornament reflecting the marriage proposal organization in order not to go out of the event. The sound and lighting system was carefully installed and tried again before our young couple arrived. For Nihan, red heart balloons inflated with helium gas and connected with raffia reflecting the metallic color of the ends were prepared carefully and delivered to our lady friend for giving to Nihan at the entrance. Repeated checks were made for photo and camera shots and all our team members took their places. We were now ready for the dream-trap marriage proposal organization and we were much more excited than Nihan and Ahmet.

Romantic Marriage Proposal Organization in the Forest

As of the day for the organization of the marriage proposal, our friend who is in constant contact with the organization, Mr.Ahmet informed him that the preparations are over and that the time we have decided is coming. Izmir is a foreigner to get support from a friend to come by car Ahmet bey girlfriend Nihan lady going to a picnic area to prevent the escape of surprise air. Our cameraman friend, who saw the vehicle coming from afar, had already started to shoot the drone through the branches of the trees.

Ahmet Bey descending from the door of the vehicle door to the door of the organization when the  saw Miss Nihan experienced shock on top of the shock. They entered this organization prepared for him hand in hand and with a wonderful melody chosen by Mr.Ahmet. Miss Nihan, who had prepared red heart balloons for her, could not keep her tears. Our photographer and cameraman friend, who wanted to capture every moment separately, started shooting closely and started to dance in front of the tent in the middle of the organization with this beautiful song. Here is the expected moment came and towards the end of the song Mr. Ahmet kneeling in front of the Miss Nihan “Will you marry me,” he asked the question. Miss. Nihan exclaimed her “Yes “ with her naive and excited tone.

The couple embraced each other and continued to dance with the songs and bird chirps. They then sat down in the Indian tent with the cushions, which were carefully prepared for them, and spent time at their wooden tables. Subsequently, they immortalized these moments by spending time in front of the decors and personalized decorations. We, as İzmir Organizasyon Team, wish our young couple a lifetime of happiness and develop ourselves by signing new projects with our rightful pride.

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