Bostanlı Sunset Wedding Proposal Organization

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Bostanlı Sunset Wedding Proposal Organization

Bostanlı Sunset Wedding Proposal Organization; Bostanlı Sunset Terrace , which is suggested on one of the numbered land pieces facing the west on the entire coast of Karşıyaka, gives us a very romantic trend with a series of “günbatımı seyir terası” starting from an artificial hill covered with trees and extending to the sea. The base used in wood and soft color allows us to obtain a very smooth eye line in marriage proposal organizations. It encourages our friends who take photographs and cameras to establish a more direct relationship with the sea and the setting sun. As with the pedestrian bridge, it has an invitations stemming from the texture of natural material.

Every evening, not only the people of İzmir, tourists, residents of the surrounding provinces, only to watch the sunset and spend time together to be there. Mr.Mehmet contacted his girlfriend Selin to make a marriage proposal organization and he followed our organizations. From this point, he wants to have the opportunity to organize an extra ordinary marriage proposal in an extraordinary place. We, our team of experts in the field of him, on the beach, marriage proposal organization, marriage proposal organization on the boat, Kordon marriage proposal organization, helicopter marriage proposal organization, such as the organization of attractive marriage proposal organization made the presentation of packages. For Mr.Mehmet, his girl friend Miss Selin decided to make a very romantic marriage proposal full of surprises at a time when the sea and the sun entered the horizon line on the coast of Bostanlı district in İzmir.

We talked about the wedding proposal organization packages of our company on the cord and we made videos of Bostanlı marriage proposal organization we made and talked about the photo details. When we realized that we could only realize the dream marriage proposal organization, as İzmir Organizasyon, we talked about the day, time and details of the marriage proposal organization. Miss Selin did not know of the surprise marriage proposal organization she would make to her. Our lighthouses, which will symbolize the marriage path that they will walk together as love themed, were carefully placed on the sides of the road. Remote controlled ground volcanoes were placed among the lighthouses, a must for marriage proposals and surprises. Our red carpet, which extends to our bistro, which is covered with a red veil and decorated with romantic decors, will be placed at the end of the emblematic path where our couple will walk and laid perpendicular to the lighthouses and ground volcanoes. A bouquet of red roses, Miss Selin’s favorite, was covered with dore raffia and adorned and placed on the bistro to introduce her to Miss Mehmet. The giant banner with the inscription  WILL YOU MARRY ME? ”Was hidden behind the bistro.

Great Marriage Proposal Organization

Our Kordon concept was determined for our wedding proposal organization, which we planned to be quite romantic and emotionally charged, and our team mates set out two hours before the agreed time with Mr. Mehmet to complete our preparation details. It was very important for the ambiance to catch a beautiful landscape and sunset by the sea during the marriage proposal organization.

Mr. Mehmet Miss Selin was the most suitable place for this great surprise was identified and the installation began. It was very important for our banner to remain hidden until Miss Selin arrived because it would be a completely surprise marriage proposal organization. Our sound system and the song beyin “Marry You” Mr. Mehmet that desires him to play during the marriage proposal are prepared. Our heart-shaped balloons were inflated with helium-filled gas to release Miss Selin to the sky. Eventually everything was ready and our teammates took their places and waited for this young couple.

Proudly “Yes“ Answer in Marriage Proposal Organization

Mr.Mehmet  and our organizer were in contact with the phone periodically for details and location sharing. Mr. Mehmet , Miss Selin on the beach with the excuse of drinking tea will bring us on the right reported. In the meantime, we had entered the minutes of the sunset approach, the cameraman and photographer was evaluating the view and shooting for the video of our couple. As soon as we realized that our young couple approached us, the song began to play and Mr. Mehmet smiled towards our teammate, who held Miss Selin’s hand tightly and handed him red heart balloons.

Realizing that the Young Couple was coming towards them, all our team members acted as if they were prepared for another surprise until the last moment. When Miss Selin thought that she was prepared for someone else, when she reached the level of our teammate, our teammate handed the balloons filled with helium to Miss Selin. Our team-mates behind the bistro raised the banner that they had placed upside down; WILL

YOU MARRY ME? on flat. Not knowing what to say in surprise, Selin drowned in tears by experiencing emotional moments. They hugged Mr.Mehmet  and then walked hand in hand on the red carpet lying between the burning lighthouses and ground volcanoes. When they reached the middle of the red carpet, Mr.Mehmet, Miss Selin turned to the kneeling lady and made a proposal to share the same life for a lifetime. In surprise and excitement he received the “yes” response, which we are so accustomed to. Our bride candidate embraced Mehmet between curious eyes and their applause. Afterwards, our couple passed to their bistros and shared their happiness with the panoramic audience accompanying them on their special days. Mr. Mehmet was filled with glasses by the drinks we prepared for the marriage proposal celebration. While celebrating by the hearts of the couple and dancing with the songs they played, our team of photographers and cameramen, who have been shooting since the beginning, immortalized these special moments by taking pictures and recording. We take pride in organizing our young couple completely and flawlessly and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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