Aydın Marriage Proposal Organization Accompanied by Giant Banners

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Aydın Marriage Proposal Organization Accompanied by Giant Banners

Aydın Marriage Proposal Organization Accompanied by Giant Banners; Say Aydın, Efeler; Aydın comes to mind immediately when it comes to the masters. The root of our folklore; Aydın is the source of a vast culture, education and science.

We find the beauty of everything. This place is commemorated by the place of this folklore. And it is always said: “The Land of Efeler Aydın…

Aydın progresses in an effort to become a brand city that grows day by day and makes its development faster than other cities. There is even a saying for Aydın, “Honey flows from the plain and oil flows from the mountain.”

This time, Mr. Hayrullah made our occasion to be in this beautiful city. Mr. Hayrullah decided to unite his life after a long relationship with his girlfriend, Fadime, and wanted to bring it to the eve of Valentine’s Day with a surprise marriage proposal organization. February 14, Valentine’s Day, dark clouds and rainfall dominated the entire Aegean region.

Although we wanted to act by thinking about the marriage proposal organizations that we can make in the indoor area before the organization, Hayrullah stated that he wants to get the answer “Yes” to the question of marriage proposal in everyone in the open area.


We made a presentation with videos and photographs telling him what he can do to Mrs. Fadime in the open space. We sent videos about marriage proposal organizations such as Aydın Marriage Proposal Organization with the Giant Banners, Marriage Proposal Organization on the Kuşadasi Beach, Marriage Organization on the Boat in Kuşadası.

Mr. hayrullah decided for the one who was related to Aydın Marriage Proposal Organization with Giant Banners for Fadime lady. Mrs. Fadime was unaware of everything, and Mr. hayrullah was very excited for the Aydın Marriage Proposal Organization with the Giant Banner As İzmir Organizasyon, we started our studies on Aydın Marriage Proposal Organization with Giant Banners.

Preparation of Aydın Marriage Proposal Organization Accompanied by Giant Banners

Our giant banner concept was determined for our marriage proposal organization, which we planned to be very romantic and emotional, and to complete our preparation details, our teammates set off three hours before the agreed time with Mr. hayrullah. It was very important for the ambiance to catch the newly made Aydın illuminated sign and daylight during the marriage proposal organization in Aydın city center.

The most suitable place for this big surprise of Hayrullah brain Fadime lady was determined and the installation started. Our teammates had repeatedly organized these surprise events, but when the weather was beautiful and the energy of the surrounding people combined, their excitement increased even more.

We immediately started preparations. Our lighthouses, which will metaphorically symbolize the marriage path they will walk together, are carefully placed on the sides of the road. Volcanoes, which are indispensable for marriage proposal organizations and surprises, have been placed between the lighthouses.


Our red carpet, which is placed at the end of the iconic road where they will walk, and which is decorated with romantic decorations, is laid perpendicular to the lighthouses and volcanoes.

A bouquet of Fadime’s favorite red roses was covered with straw and decorated with Mr. hayrullah bride candidate to present it to Fadime. “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Corresponding to the back of our Bistro The written banner is hidden.

It was very important that our banner remained secret until the lady of Fadime came because this would be a completely surprise marriage proposal. Our sound system and Hayrullah brain were prepared for the songs he desires to play during the marriage proposal. Our heart-shaped balloons were inflated with helium-filled gas to drop the lady Fadime. Finally, everything was ready and our teammates were ready to take their seats and wait for our young couple.

A Romantic Marriage Proposal Organization

Our organization representative was in contact with Mr. hayrullah for details and location sharing periodically. Mr. hayrullah Fadime would take the lady from her home with her own vehicle and bring it to the center of Aydın.

In the meantime, we entered the minutes when we approached the middle of the day, our cameraman and photographer were evaluating the view and shooting for the video of our couple to be prepared.

As soon as we realized that our young couple were approaching us, the song called as “Our Song” by our couple started to play “Heart Road”. When they arrived on the way to the entrance, our young couple had already appeared with their more stylish images from afar. One of our teammates handed Fadime to his flying balloons with a heart.

Mrs. Fadime, the lighthouses around the red carpet, ground volcanoes, and “WILL YOU MARRY ME? “Seeing his banner, he couldn’t hide his surprise. Our couple, walking hand in hand towards the red carpet from the community watching this romantic marriage proposal with curious eyes, hugged for a long time.

Mr. hayrullah made a move to kneel in front of the bride candidate, which is the indispensable literature of marriage proposal organizations and to make the marriage proposal.

This unique image in front of Mrs. Fadime made people more excited. Mr. hayrullah kneeled and made a marriage proposal to Mrs. Fadime.

The unforgettable moments of our couple embraced with the answer “YES” and applause were worth seeing. Afterwards, Mr. hayrullah presented the bouquet that he had prepared specially for Mrs. Fadime, and our young couple sip their drinks with carafes with their own names and celebrated this day. We, as İzmir Organizasyon, wish happiness for a lifetime to Fadime and Hayrullah couple.

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