Assos Marriage Proposal Organization

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Assos Marriage Proposal Organization

Assos Marriage Proposal Organization; It is a place where even roads are not built due to the fact that it is a protected area. The land looks at the castle and dominates the whole area… wow. You can even see the ruins of the old harbor from the clarity of the sea and hear what is spoken meters away from its silence. Although it has become one of the trending places recently, the number of foreign tourists is higher than the number of Turkish tourists. Therefore, it is a wonder of nature where you can be comfortable.

Mr.Alper believed that he wanted to spend his life with his girlfriend, Miss Dilara, side by side for a lifetime. Deciding that Dilara wants to move on with her wife, Mr. Alper wanted to organize an unforgettable marriage proposal organization like a fairy tale.

For such an organization, he rolled up his sleeves and searched the internet and found the İzmir Organizasyon company, so he decided to work with us. Mr. Alper was not able to come to our office and meet with us because he was residing in Istanbul.

Based on this, we continued to communicate to him over the internet and by phone. Saying that they are a complete sea lover with his girlfriend Miss Dilara, Alper stated that they will be in Çanakkale in the second week of July. Therefore, we told him that we can organize a marriage proposal organization at the seaside and in Çanakkale. We have come to the conclusion that a romantic marriage proposal organization on the beach is the best option for our young couple. In the later minutes of our meeting, we decided on the day, the hour and the favorite song of our couple, to organize the organization with Mr. Alper.

Weather conditions were also very important. We examined the calendars based on the temperature of the beach and the wind. The air was showing the slight motion of the fine lodos and the situation was very suitable for this beautiful marriage proposal organization. We offered him wonderful details by considering the natural surface of Assos, the sea and the pebble stones. For Alper, it was only awaiting the excitement for Assos marriage proposal organization and preparing a perfect marriage proposal organization for our teammates as usual.

Marriage Proposal Organization and Marvelous Preparations on the Beach

When the day of the organization came, our teammates were ready in Assos with all their equipment at the point where our organization will take place four hours before the event. Our gazebeh, which was prepared in white, was founded and fixed on the pebble stones of the beach.

Then, the tulle was stretched to the interior decor of our gazebah and tied and a decorative appearance was obtained. After the gazebo installation was completed, one surface of the gazebo was decorated with tiny led lights. Later, white lady table and chairs where Dilara and Mr.Alper will have a nice time were placed under the white karge gazebon. Subsequently, a sound system was set up about twenty meters from the table and camouflaged in order not to reflect the visual pollution. Then the cabinets of the sound system were placed at a certain distance from the dining table. It created a metaphorical road extending from the entrance of the beach to the table, about twenty meters from the table, dominated by red and white colors. This road symbolized the marriage path that our young couple would walk for life. And the way; The interior is accented with candlelight lighthouses that shine the color of daylight. Between the two lighthouses, remote-controlled ground volcanoes were placed to explode when our couple walked on this metaphorical road.

Considering the meaning and importance of the day, the red carpet was laid on this road. The signboards of the names of our young couple, the date of the organization and some notes were nailed to both sides of the red carpet. Lighting was placed at certain points of the beach so that the quality of night shots on the beach would be high. Then came one of the most important points, table decoration and decoration. Dishes, forks and knives of the couple were placed. Then chips plates, snack plates, fruit and cheese plates were placed. Table decorations in accordance with the concept of romantic marriage proposal organization on the beach; It consisted of bright red beads, tiny red natural stones, red felt decorations, sea shells and sea stars. In addition, the decoration of the bike was fixed with sand to emphasize the call to remind the past.

These decors were placed neatly. Romantic jars with wax inside, straw outside and tiny lace on top were carefully placed on their tables. Finally, our red-flying balloons, which will show that the preparations were made for the lady of Dilara, were filled with helium and tied with white raffia.
Mr. Alper had said that he would take the lady of Dilara to a newly opened fisherman restaurant and set off for us by car. Our teammates were in touch with Mr. Alper minute by minute. Dilara, who could not see a fish restaurant on the beach they came on foot, looked around with confused eyes. Dilara, who could not put a meaning on the prepared table and lighting, realized that the surprise was made for her when our colleague presented her balloons to her.

Marriage Proposal Organization With Fireworks On Assos Beach

Miss Dilara, who seemed very impressed by the prepared surprise, hugged the man for a long time and thanked him many times. Then our young couple walked hand in hand on the red carpet and proceeded to their tables. When they were right in front of the table, Mr. Alper Dilara turned to the lady and asked the question she had been waiting for a long time; “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. Miss Dilara said “YES” with an incredibly emotional presence.

Our young couple celebrated this great decision of their lives by bursting champagne and enjoying happiness in the light of the volcanoes behind the gazebo while sipping their champagne. Later, in order to highlight the image of the bride, the bride’s crown and floral bracelet specially prepared for Dilara lady were presented by Mr.Alper. Another surprise in this surprise marriage proposal organization that we planned with Alper was the fireworks show.

While our fresh couple that we took to dance had a great time with music, a visual presentation was made with fireworks. Our cameraman and photographer, who recorded the young couple’s love-loving marriage proposal organization from the beginning, gathered beautiful moments for the video clip that they will deliver to our couple by taking pictures from time to time. On behalf of the İzmir Organizasyon team, we wish a happy life to our young couple.

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